Adult Ranks

The Commandant Air Cadets is a regular Royal Air Force officer, Air Commodore McCafferty.

Eastbourne Squadron is a member of London & South East Region (LaSER) and each region is lead by an RAF Reserve officer. Our regional commandant is Group Captain A Lewis

Each Air Training Corps Wing is commanded by a Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Training Branch officer, the officer commanding Sussex Wing is Wing Commander Kevin Tucker.

The rank of Squadron Leader is held by Wing Staff Officers such as OC Training and Development Unit and the various Sector Commanders within Sussex Wing. The Deputy Commanding Officer of the Wing holds the rank of Squadron Leader. The sector commander for East Sector is Squadron Leader Aidan Forristall.

The volunteer staff at squadron level comes in 3 types: commissioned officers, senior NCOs, civilian instructors (CIs) and Padre.

RAFVR(T) Commissioned Officers*

Officers within the Royal Air Force Air Cadets are appointed within the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch), hold the Queen’s Commission, and are subject to the Air Force Law.

Officers within the RAF VR(T) follow the same rank structure as regular RAF officers. Officers within the RAF VR(T) can be readily identified by a badge with the initials “VRT” attached to their rank slides.

The squadron’s Commanding Officer or CO is a Flight Lieutenant.

*VR(T) commission is being replaced by a new RAFAC commission in October 2017

ATC Senior Non Commissioned Officers

ATC SNCOs undertake the role of maintaining a high level of discipline within the squadron, and managing the squadron’s cadet NCO team (the front-line of squadron discipline).

ATC SNCO is an Air Training Corps appointment and can be readily identified by a distinguishing badge with the initials “ATC” attached to their rank slides.

Civilian Instructors

Civilian Instructors (CI) are adult volunteers who are civilian non-uniformed members of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets adult staff structure who volunteer their services for a variety of training roles within the squadron environment.

They bring to the squadron a vast range of knowledge and experience that they pass onto cadets as part of their training.