Camps, Courses & Visits

54 Eastbourne tries to get cadets off the squadron and out into the world as much as it can. This includes MoD training areas, RAF stations, as well as visits to other aviation or military sites.  There are multiple occasions every year when cadets leave the Squadron at RAF Enclave and venture off.  In the last few years alone cadets have been to Mereworth Training Area (Kent), Pippingford Park Training area (East Sussex), RAF Lossiemouth (Scotland), Brampton Camp RAF Wyton (Cambridgeshire), Windermere Training Area (Lake District) and RAF Shawbury (Shropshire).

Camps are a great way for cadets to meet other cadets from different squadrons, building friendships that may last them a life time. Also camps are a great way to develop a spirit for adventure, and for cadets to learn about the importance of being able to be independent.
Eastbourne Squadron also encourages its cadets to apply and attend as many additional courses as possible. These courses can provide cadets with qualifications, further experience and knowledge in cadet activities, or both.
Courses such as the Method of Instruction (MOI) course is available to all cadets that reach the classification of ‘Master Cadet’ (see ‘Classifications’ in the ‘Cadets Page’ for more information) and teaches the art of instruction, both for use in military organisations, and in civilian roles.
Other courses such as the JNCO & SNCO (Junior/ Senior Non-Commissioned Officer) courses are a requirement for any cadet that wishes to reach beyond the rank of Cadet Corporal. These are run by Sussex Wing staff and develops knowledge of drill, regulations, and how to work as a team with other NCO’s.
Additional information about courses based around leadership can be found in the ‘Leadership’ section on the Activities page.