First Aid Training

54 Eastbourne provides  both cadets and staff the opportunity to obtain various levels of first aid training, with qualifications from the British Heart Foundation or St John Ambulance.

Our basic training now includes the British Heart Foundation Heartstart program which teaches cadets how to administer emergency life support. Cadets can then choose to advance onto the St John Ambulance Youth First Aid, Activity First Aid and then to become an instructor too if they wish.
For staff we offer a range of qualifications including Activity First Aid.
First Aid is an important skill which we teach all of the cadets that enrol on the squadron. While providing them with the knowledge to deal with real life situations, this training is also used by cadets in first aid competitions, where teams compete to treat  the injuries sustained by a group of actors in a staged accident environment.
For more information about the Fist Aid qualifications available, visit the British Heart Foundation website – or the St John Ambulance website –