Gliding @ Odiham – 23/07/2017

The cadets are gliding again!! 54 were lucky enough to get one of the first gliding allocations on Sussex wing and on 23rd July 2017 were able to take to the skies!

We had 4 allocations and 1 reserve slot, this allowed us to fly the next cadets in line for a flight. The weather on the day was not looking good!

SigmetChart – Essentially we were in region B1 and the forecast was saying:

“ISOL 3000M +SHRA/+TSRA, B1”

What does that  mean?

ISOL = Isolated; 3000M = 3000M visibility (i.e. very bad visibility); +SHRA/+TSRA = Heavy Thunderstorm and Rain Showers

The wind forecast was not too bad and both Wind and weather turned out to be better than forecast for a short time. Speak to Audie Waterman if you want an explanation of either of these aviation charts, he will happily talk to you about them and instruct you how to read them if you want to learn.

The OC of the Kestrel Gliding Club looking after us for the day decided that aero tow would be faster and better for us as the weather window was a tight window, the decision turned out to be a great choice as we managed to fly all of the cadets, including our reserve! This also meant for our lucky cadets that the flying time was longer than it might have been under a winch launch.

The cadets were first briefed on all safety aspects before each taking their turn in the K-21 glider. For more information on the glider, if you are interested,  please follow this link:

…or the main Kestrel Gliding Club site also has further information on their Fleet page:

The final flight was a little wet as the rain started to fall but still as enjoyable as the first!

The cadets were also treated to a visit to the gliding club’s hangar and got a guided tour of the aircraft in the hangar on the day and were able to help to get involved in preparing a glider for transport and to move some of the gliders into the hanger. We also saw the Super Chipmunk, pictured right, this aircraft is also used as an aero tow sometimes, we were told.

All in all it was a great day out and was wonderful to see our cadets enjoying a gliding experience, the first of hopefully many more to come.

Gliding is a really good way to get into aviation and the first way many pilots take to the skies, Did you know that you can solo in a glider from the age of 14? … it is also a fairly inexpensive way to get into flying too. We also have a few local airfields which are manned by friendly volunteers whom will happily assist in your aviation career, Ringmer is our closest, their website is below.

Please note any flights with them are not a cadet activity and the link given is purely as information should you be looking to add to your experience outside of the ATC:

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